Successful Well Completion & Workover Practices Master Class:
Learn a practical design approach from
design to field operations
Fill in the critical gaps in your well completion and workover knowledge by attending this master class seminar taught live online by Mike Etuhoko, Founder of Protekz Inc. 
Knowledge is important, but implementation is critical. That’s why this master class is a combination of theory and practice so you can apply the knowledge you learn right away. 
NEXT LIVE CLASS: September  28 - October 2

Well completion is considered to be one of the most critical practices for reservoir exploitation and management. We are tasked to optimally design and install a system that can deliver its full potential to optimize oil and gas and production without compromising safety and reliability.


During the field life cycle, some reservoirs undergo some physical and chemical changes. This leads to loss of revenue$$ as the wells are no longer operating at their optimal conditions. Hence, a workover may be required to safely and efficiently restore the wells back to production.


This presents a lot of challenges due to the different reservoir fluids, various operating conditions, and different operating environments. 


Learn from real-life examples of how to implement the theory and strategy for your wells. It will fill in the competency gaps in your well completion and workover practices, for optimal production in your company.

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Course Details
Course Pricing (USD): 
Early Bird - $4,799. Regular - $4,999
Prerequisites: None but an operation background in drilling, completion, well intervention, reservoir engineering, or production engineering is beneficial.
Who this course is for:
Upon course completion, you will:
  • Completion Engineers / Supervisors/ Superintendents

  • Completions Team Leads / Managers

  • Well Services / Well Intervention Engineers / Supervisors

  • Workover Engineers / Supervisors

  • Petroleum Engineers

  • Reservoir Engineers 

  • Drilling Engineers / Superintendents / Site Managers

  • Cross-Discipline Training

  • Oil and Gas Project Evaluators

  • Oil and Gas industry Drilling / Completion / Intervention Service provider

  • Oil and Gas Regulators

  • Better understand the selection and design of completion components 

  • Integrate the importance of completion process to future production

  • Deliver techniques to select the best tubing size and best materials for well completion.

  • Gain practical methods to design, plan and install safe and efficient well completion and workover.

  • Manage well environments with extreme reservoir conditions (pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Bridge the importance of well design in relation to the ability to carry out well intervention.
  • Explore new technological developments in well completions and workovers.
  • Plan an appropriate intervention and workover strategy to maintain or increase the field production
Student Testimonials

"The course was extremely informative. The instructor did a good job of ensuring it was interactive, and made everyone feel comfortable about asking questions. The great is a great idea…”

"Like the project design part” 

"The instructor was excellent. The method of starting slow to ensure that everyone was on the same page then picking up the race was really nice. The course is pretty well designed...”

 - Workover Engineering Technologist

- Completion Manager
- Senior Completion Engineer
About your Instructor
Mike Etuhoko has 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As the Founder of Calgary-based Protekz Inc., he provides training and consultancy services for oil and gas companies worldwide including BG, Shell, Total, KNOC, KPO, Chevron, ENI, Lukeoil and CNOOC, and Husky.
Mike is a Professional Engineer registered in the province of Alberta, Canada with a B.Sc. (Honors) degree in Mechanical Engineering and an M.Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering and Project Development from the Institute Francais du Petrole (IFP school) in France. He is also a certified Project Management Professional, a certified Shell Round 2 holder with a specialization in Completion and Well Intervention. Mike has completed the Oxford Executive Leadership program from Said Business School in University of Oxford.
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